Why Is My Bath Water Blue?

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If your home's water has higher-than-normal copper levels, it's most likely due to corroded copper pipes. You see, as the pipes corrode, copper dissolves into the water that's transported into your home giving it that blueish-greenish tint.

You may wonder, how do you get rid of blue bath water? Just mix vinegar and baking soda into a paste, apply to the stains and wait about 10 minutes before wiping off. To prevent these stains, you'll want to have your water tested to see what is making your water so corrosive.

Similarly one may ask, what causes water to blue? The blueness in water is not caused by the scattering of light, which is responsible for the sky being blue. Rather, water blueness comes from the water molecules absorbing the red end of the spectrum of visible light.

Besides above, can water softener make water blue? Sometimes, although very rarely, when a base-exchange softener has been fitted to the hard water supply to the premises, blue-green water or staining has occurred and this has led to the conclusion that softened water is corrosive.

Likewise, how can i test my water for copper? Customers can request lead testing through Cal Water's customer service department. Cal Water will deliver a sample kit and instructions to your home.

Why is my water leaving blue stains?

If you see green or blue stains in your home's sink, the culprit is probably corrosion of your plumbing, which is leaching copper into your water. Corroded copper turns blue/green. This problem is often caused by low pH water, which eats away at copper pipes and fittings.

Why is my water turning my tub green?

If you have acidic water (a pH of less than 7.0), your copper and brass pipes and plumbing fixtures are corroding. The green and greenish-blue stains you see in the bathtub are the result: dissolved copper and brass in your water caused the stains. To remove stains caused by acidic water, use an acidic cleaner.

How do you get rid of blue limescale?

White Vinegar and warm water – areas of limescale on your tap can be cleaned with a solution of equal parts white vinegar and warm water. Depending on how stubborn the limescale is you may only need to wipe the tap over with the solution or you may need to lay a cloth to soak on it for a few hours.

Why is my shower base turning blue?

In most cases, blue/green tinted stains are caused by the water flowing through your pipes having a low (acidic) pH. Chances are your water pipes are made of copper and the blue discoloration is the result of the insides of the pipes being attacked by the aggressive low pH water.

What are the blue flakes in water?

Often it is simply limescale caused by the hardness of your water. Normally this limescale is white, but can often be stained blue by new copper pipes bedding in, or by old copper pipes breaking down.

Why is bathtub discolored?

These stains are caused by iron content in the hard water; the iron rusts, which is why the color looks rusty. You can also typically be clean these stains away, perhaps with the help of vinegar (another possible reason for rusty stains is that your water pipes are rusting).

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