Where To Buy Treehouse Beer?

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You may wonder, does treehouse brewing distribute? Tree House is a non-distributing brewery—it is only available to buy on site—but given its popularity, lines at the brewery can run an hour or more on certain days.

Similarly one may ask, can i get treehouse beer in boston? While you cannot currently find Treehouse Brewing Co. on a Boston Brew Tour, it is a brewery that we highly recommend visiting if you are in the area!

Besides above, how many locations does treehouse brewery have? five facilitiesTree House owns and operates five facilities. The primary brewery, coffee roastery, and distillery is located in Charlton, Massachusetts.

Likewise, how long do tree house beers last? It is packaged cold on industry-leading equipment, kept cold, and delivered to you cold. If maintained in this manner, our hoppy beer remains vibrant and fresh for 12 weeks or more - our classic styles and non-hoppy beers retain bright, youthful character for six months or more when refrigerated.

Who owns Treehouse Brewing Company?

Dean Rohan - Owner - Tree House Brewing Company, LLC | LinkedIn.

How many carbs are in Treehouse beer?

A basic, 5% ABV, 12-ounce bottle of pale ale contains around 150 calories and 13 grams of carbohydrates; a common IPA (say, a Lagunitas) is closer to 190 calories and 19 grams of carbs; a glass of dark Belgian-style ale might even surpass 300 and 30 grams of carbs.

How much beer does treehouse make?

According to the Boston Globe, Tree House produced about 48,400 BBLs in 2018, a jump of 133% from 2017 estimates. It was just four years ago that the brewery's 2015 production was 2,350 BBLs.

What's a treehouse?

Definition of tree house

: a structure (such as a playhouse) built among the branches of a tree.

How long has treehouse been in business?

Tree House Brewing Company only started doing business in 2011, but it's quickly become one of the most beloved craft breweries making some of the most sought- after beers in the country. The Massachusetts brewery draws fans from around the Northeast who are dedicated enough to wait for hours to buy beer.

When did treehouse start?

Treehouse TV

LaunchedNovember 1, 1997
Former namesThe Treehouse

What hops are in Treehouse Julius?

Julius | Tree House Brewing (approximation) Braumeister 20L

8 gWarrior (Pellet) 8 g Warrior (Pellet) Hops14.55
150 gCitra (Pellet) 150 g Citra (Pellet) Hops13.1
150 gMosaic (Pellet) 150 g Mosaic (Pellet) Hops14.88
50 gSimcoe (Pellet) 50 g Simcoe (Pellet) Hops

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