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You may wonder, is smuttynose brewery closing? Closings: Smuttynose Shutters Smuttlabs; Newfangled Brew Works and District 8 Beer Company to Close This Weekend. Smuttlabs Brewery and Kitchen – the Dover, New Hampshire-based offshoot location of Smuttynose Brewery – has closed, the Hampton-headquartered brewery announced.

Similarly one may ask, who owns smuttynose? Runnymede InvestmentsSmuttynose is now owned by Runnymede Investments, a venture capital and investment firm based in North Hampton. The purchase was made for an undisclosed amount. Runnymede is installing a new CEO at the brewery, Rich Lindsay, who has experience at other breweries including Samuel Adams and Night Shift Brewing.

Besides above, is smuttynose a seal? In 2016 Smuttynose received LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, making it the second and largest brewery to receive the seal at the time.

Likewise, can you visit smuttynose island? Come visit. You can go there, if you have a boat. You must arrive during daylight hours during the summer and fall. Please don't choke the tiny cove with anything larger than a rowboat.

How many islands make up the Isles of Shoals?

nine islandsThe Isles of Shoals Archipelago is composed of nine islands and numerous rocky ledges, six miles (10 km) off the New Hampshire/Maine border in the western portion of the Gulf of Maine.

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Smuttynose Brewing Co. 105 Towle Farm Road Hampton, NH 03842 603.436.4026. © 2020 Smuttynose Brewing Co. 105 Towle Farm Road. All Rights Reserved.

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