Where To Buy Regia Beer?

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You may wonder, where is regia beer from? El SalvadorCerveza Regia is produced in El Salvador since 1959. It is an exquisite beer with an intense flavor, with 4.8 of alcohol by volume, elaborated carefully through a long ripening process to the delight of our consumers.

Similarly one may ask, who owns regia beer? Cerveceria Salvadorena has acquired Suprema and Regia beer brands

Target Company NameSuprema and Regia beer brands
DescriptionCerveceria Salvadorena has acquired the brands Suprema and Regia from Industrias La Constancia
Global M&A OfficesRIóN (Global M&A Mexico)
Global M&A AdvisoryAdvisor to the buyer

Besides above, what lagers are pilsners? A pilsner is the result of carefully controlled “lagering,” an aspect of the beer brewing process that can produce other types of lagers under different circumstances. Therefore, all pilsners are lagers, but not all lagers are pilsners. Learn more about pilsners and lagers.

Likewise, what is the meaning of regia? noun. : a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids that dissolves gold or platinum.

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