Where To Buy Other Half Beer?

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You may wonder, where can i buy half beer in philadelphia? 1002 Canal Street, Philadelphia, PABrooklyn, NY – Other Half Brewing co-founders Andrew Burman, Matt Monahan and Sam Richardson are pleased to announce the opening of Other Half Philly in the city's Fishtown neighborhood (1002 Canal Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19123), www.otherhalfbrewing.com.

Similarly one may ask, does other half use lactose? Are they vegan? The only non-vegan ingredient we use for some of our beers is Lactose/Milk Sugar.

Besides above, what replaced goose island in philadelphia? Fields' “great town of breweries,” taking over for Goose Island near The Fillmore Philadelphia.

Likewise, can i drink beer if i'm lactose intolerant? During the brewing process, most sugars are converted to alcohol. Lactose, however, can remain in the finished liquid. Depending on the severity of your lactose intolerance, we wouldn't recommend drinking a beer that contains lactose.

Does beer with lactose need to be refrigerated?

It won't hurt you, lactose (the 'key' ingredient of milk stouts) doesn't need to be refrigerated the way actual milk does. However, it is advisable to keep milk stouts refrigerated for two reasons: 1) They generally don't age particularly well, so keeping them in the fridge will best preserve the taste.

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