What Type Of Beer Is Leinenkugel?

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Leinenkugel's® Summer Shandy® is our traditional weiss beer with refreshing natural lemonade flavor that makes it the perfect summer beer. In 2012, Summer Shandy won a Silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival® in the Fruit Wheat Beer category.

You may wonder, what type of beer is leinenkugel original? Lager BeerProduct description. Try the beer that started it all. Leinenkugel's Original Lager Beer, 4.7% ABV, is a traditional German-style classic lager beer brewed with pale malts and Cluster hops. Enjoy the first taste of a toasty, crackery malt character followed by a crisp, clean finish.

Similarly one may ask, is leinenkugel a lager? Our most award-winning beer, Leinenkugel's® Dark Lager is brewed with a special blend of four malts for a rich, nutty cocoa flavor and crisp finish. That makes it one deliciously dark, surprisingly smooth brew.

Besides above, is leinenkugel a pilsner? Over 150 years, we're still proudly brewing our award-winning Leinenkugel's Original, a classic American Pilsner, just as we did in 1867. Pairs with: brats with sauerkraut, cheese curds, Door County fish boils and cherry pie.

Likewise, is leinenkugel a german beer? EVERY BEER HAS A STORY.

In May 1867, the Leinenkugel family brewery was founded in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin by Jacob Leinenkugel. He was a family man driven by an iron work ethic, and he knew that his German family heritage would play an integral part of his brewery's success.

Is Leinenkugel beer good?

The flavor is quite surprisingly not as lemony as the aroma. A decent amount of ale sweetness comes through, enough to balance the lemon and to raise this drink above the level of the malternative and alcopop (see below). That's not to say that this is a good beer, but it is an enjoyable summer beverage.

What does Leinenkugel mean in English?

exp. the duck's nuts, the best, the dog's bollocks. the duck's nuts.


Definition of IPA

(Entry 1 of 3) : a pale ale made with extra hops : india pale ale American beers, especially IPAs, are still quite hoppy …— Lauren Buzzeo.

What is a shandy beer?

A shandy is a beer cocktail usually made of equal parts beer and citrusy lemon-lime soda. A popular British pub drink, a shandy can be easily customized with the beer and soda of your choice — although if you want a traditional British shandy, you'll stick to the 50/50 beer and soda mix.

Is leinenkugel a domestic beer?

Is Leinenkugel A Domestic Beer? Leinenkugel's is a domestic beer. It is made in the United States by the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, which is based in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

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Leinenkugel's Original ; ABV. 4.7% ; IBU. 17 ; Availability. Year Round.

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Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest Craft Beer. 4.8 (305). Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest Craft Beer. $5.59 - $59.99 ; Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss Fruit Craft Beer. 4.8 (28).

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Product details ; Region: Wisconsin, United States ; Type: Craft ; ABV: 4.7% ; IBU: 17 ; Suggested Glassware: Pint Glass.

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The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company doing business as Leinenkugel's, is an American beer maker based in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

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Name Style ABV Ratings Avg Last Active Berry Shandy Fruit and Field Beer 4.2 18 3.48 08‑02‑2020 Berry Weiss American Pale Wheat Beer 4.7 1,412 2.86 09‑25‑2022 Canoe Paddle Kölsch Kölsch 5 987 3.22 06‑18‑2022 View 33 more rows

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