What Temp Should My Mini Fridge Be?

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The temperature range in a compact refrigerator is typically between 35-42 degrees Fahrenheit in the fresh food compartment and between 5 to 7 degrees for the freezer. A compact refrigerator is intended for short term storage of foods.

You may wonder, what number should i keep my mini-fridge at? Temperature Setting

It should be set between 37°F and 40°F—the ideal refrigerator temperature to keep food fresh and cold but not frozen. If you have a numbered dial setting instead of a temperature reading, the highest number is the coldest (usually 5).

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In any refrigerator, you want your temperatures to be between 32°F and 40°F. · Anything over 40°F promotes bacterial growth at a rapid rate · Consider closing the ...

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In terms of specific temperatures, the US Food and Drug Administration recommends keeping your mini-fridge at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the ...

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You should keep your refrigerator temperature at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. (4 degrees Celsius.) If the room your mini-fridge is in is particularly warm, you can ...

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The refrigerator compartment should remain at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less and your freezer at zero degrees. If the temperature was above 40 ...

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Usually, a mini fridge dial ranges from 1-7, 1 being the coldest setting, and 7 being the warmest. I set the control to number 3 or 4, a s this tends to keep my ...

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The ideal refrigerator temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below in the main part of the fridge. The optimal temperature for keeping foods cold is 37 ...

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The mini fridge temperature range is 50°F to 32°F. Answered by InsigniaCustomerSupport 2 years ago. Helpful (1) Unhelpful (0) · The highest is 7 ...

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If you are not interested in cellaring, then just shoot for around 38 - 40 degrees just like a normal refrigerator. ... jesskidden likes this.

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However, for keeping it within the coldest temperatures, it should be kept between 32 ° ...

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