What Is Miller Genuine Draft?

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You may wonder, is miller genuine draft a lager or ale? American lager beerMiller Genuine Draft is an American lager beer with 4.6% ABV.

Similarly one may ask, what is miller genuine draft made from? These include pure water, malted barley (Maltose), corn syrup, hops, and yeast. Corn syrup is one of the basic ingredients used in most MillerCoors products as US consumers prefer its taste.

Besides above, why was miller genuine draft discontinued? The MGD brand lacked an emotive meaning that was compelling at the point of purchase,” according to BrandOpus. “The team's analysis also identified that the brand's assets were lacking in visibility and distinctiveness which was stopping them from being easily identified and remembered.”

Likewise, what's the difference between miller high life and miller genuine draft? Originally branded as Miller High Life Genuine Draft, MGD was introduced in 1985 as the home version of draft High Life. It features the same recipe as High Life, but with a different production process designed to emulate draft beer in a can or bottle.

Is Miller Genuine Draft a pilsner beer?

It is the largest product within the Miller High Life brand family. Miller High Life is a pilsner-style beer, dating from 1903 which was one of the first major bottled beers, though it is now commonly sold in cans.

What does MGD taste like?

Taste is essentially a malt bomb but still crisp with most of the sweetness showing up in the aftertaste. Slight bitterness that goes away as you drink but no hop character. Very bready but smooth.

How strong is Miller Genuine Draft?

Miller Genuine Draft Beer American Style Lager 4.6% ABV Cans - 30-12 Fl. Oz.

Is MGD draft beer?

Miller Genuine Draft - Europe

MGD delivers a fresh-from-the-tap taste as a result of the perfect balance of high-quality ingredients and industry-leading innovations, such as our proprietary “four times filtration” brewing process. Put simply, it's an exceptionally smooth and refreshing draft beer in a bottle.

Is MGD a malt liquor?

Originally called Miller High Life Genuine Draft, it's the cold-filtered version of Miller High Life. It's a smooth beer from start to finish. Can't really complain about it, except to say the ABV is a bit low and it's not a malt liquor.

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Miller Genuine Draft is the home of exceptional experiences, including Miller Music Amplified and Miller Design Lab.


Easy drinking Miller Genuine Draft delivers a clean, crisp, smooth taste through its proprietary 4X cold filtered brewing process.

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Miller Genuine Draft is a American Adjunct Lager style beer brewed by Miller Brewing Co. in Milwaukee, WI. Score: 56 with 2661 ratings and reviews.

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