What Is Kolsch Beer?

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You may wonder, is kölsch an ale or lager? Kölsch is an ale while pilsner is a lager, and kölsch was designed to compete with its famous German counterpart. The modern version of kölsch arose out of the brewers' needs directly after World War II as well as their desire to return to the simpler beer brewed by their predecessors.

Similarly one may ask, what does a kolsch beer taste like? Kölsch is a top-fermented local beer style from Köln (Cologne), Germany. Kölsch beers are characterized by a lightly fruity yeast note in aroma and taste, as well as a pleasant hoppy bitterness.

Besides above, what is special about kolsch beer? The German-style Kolsch is light in color and malt character. This style's fermentation process yields a light, vinous character which is accompanied by a slightly dry, crisp finish. Ale yeast is used for fermentation, though lager yeast is sometimes used in the bottle or final cold-conditioning process.

Likewise, is kölsch an ipa? The Kolsch IPA is a dry-hopped brew fermented with Kolsch Yeast. It's hoppy, peppery and has plenty of citrus on the nose and the tongue, with a body comprised of Pilsner and Wheat malt. Hops include Nugget and Falconer's Flight, and this beer's ABV is nice and easy, at 5.6%.

Is Kolsch similar to pilsner?

You could say that Kölsch has a lot in common with pilsner, another excellent summer choice. But Kölsch is more subtly complex, less aggressively bitter and slightly lower in alcohol than pilsner, which is a lager, not an ale like Kölsch.

Why is kölsch served in small glasses?

The light carbonation of the kölsch style benefits from the smaller serving size. It is unlikely that the beer will be completely warm and flat by the time you finish 6oz. In a busy bar, it is also unlikely that your server will want to refill your 6oz glass every few minutes.

How do you drink Kolsch beer?

One must drink Kölsch at about 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit, in a tall, thin, 0.2-liter glass. Locally, these glasses are called stange, otherwise known as “poles.” It's been said that during public outings, locals will bring along a wagon of Kölsch glasses to make sure that friends are amply supplied.

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