What Is A Tripel Beer?

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A tripel is a Belgian style of beer. Our take on the style is golden, balanced, and has a wide array of yeast-derived aromas. Usually clocking in at a higher (for beer) alcohol content, you'll often find tripels in the 8%-10% ABV range. For reference, wine is generally around 12% ABV.

You may wonder, what does a tripel beer taste like? The flavor of Belgian tripel follows suit, offering a “marriage of spicy, fruity, and alcohol flavors supported by a soft, rounded grainy-sweet malt impression, occasionally with a very light honey note.” Spicy hop flavors are usually present, and hop bitterness is medium to high, supported by peppery fermentation ...

Similarly one may ask, is belgian tripel a lager or ale? Belgian Tripel is a strong pale ale, between 8 to 12% ABV. It's defined by distinct notes of bready malts, herbaceous and floral hops, and complex fruit and spice from the yeast.

Besides above, what is the difference between a dubbel and a tripel? Today, these style names are used mainly as marketing words, where the “Dubbel” is a particularly dark beer with a 6-7.5% ABV, the Tripel is a pale gold beer with higher ABV (7-10%), and the Quad is typically a dark amber that can range up to 11% ABV.

Likewise, what is the best tripel beer? Top Rated Beers: Tripel

Sorted by weighted rank (not shown).Ratings
1Tripel Van De Garre Brouwerij Van Steenberge N.V.420
2La Fin Du Monde Unibroue10,652
3Trappist Tripel Brouwerij Westmalle4,902
4Tripel Karmeliet Brouwerij Bosteels4,493

How do you drink a Tripel?

The beers are highly carbonated compared to most American ales. They are surprisingly easy to drink yet push 9.5% ABV; a dangerous combination, indeed. Tripels are best warmed to at least 50 degrees. Never serve one fresh out of the fridge.

Is a Trippel an IPA?

Triple IPA (TIPA)

Brewers around the world could not stop themselves from taking the IPA to the next level. The Triple IPA is a hoppier and richer beer with an ABV of over 10%. The TIPA is not a well-defined style of beer as of now but its popularity seems to be increasing day by day.

How do you pronounce tripel beer?

So when I was younger and first getting into beer I would aways prounce it like "trip - ell". However, I then had a Swedish boss who was into beer and had visited Belgium numerous times and he always just pronounced it the exact same as "triple".

Is a Belgian Tripel a sour?

Is A Belgian Tripel A Sour? No, a Belgian Tripel is not a sour beer. Sour beer styles include Belgian lambics, gueuze and Flanders red ale, and German gose and Berliner Weisse. A Belgian Tripel is a style of strong golden ale that is characterized by its complex flavor profile and high alcohol content.

How strong is a Belgian Tripel?

Tripels. A tripel is a Belgian style of beer. Our take on the style is golden, balanced, and has a wide array of yeast-derived aromas. Usually clocking in at a higher (for beer) alcohol content, you'll often find tripels in the 8%-10% ABV range.

Is a Belgian Tripel Hoppy?

Tripel has a balanced hoppy character, but a significant hop flavor is not needed. Unless you're brewing an exceptionally hoppy version, don't add any boil hops after 15 minutes.

What type of beer is New Belgium Trippel?

Belgian-style aleOur Trippel has always been a big, beautiful Belgian-style ale. This golden beer opens with a bold blast of spicy Noble hops, courtesy of Saaz and Hallertau Mittlefruh, and gives way to the fruity aromas offered by our traditional Belgian yeast.

What is the strongest Belgian beer?

The strongest beers in Belgium

  • Belgium has brewed countless beers in different styles, colours, tastes and alcohol levels. ...
  • The title of the strongest Belgian beer goes to Struise Black Damnation VI – Messy by the Struise brewery.

What the difference between a Belgian double and triple?

It is pretty much referred that the “Double” are rather dark beers somewhere in the 6-8° alcohol and “Triple” are rather pale beers with higher alcohol contents (8° and above).

Why is it called a Dubbel?

Belgian Dubbel Essential Info

The “lowest” of the number-sounding Belgian beer names, created by Belgian monks at the Westmalle Monastery in between the late 19th and early 20th century (they brewed a stronger version of what they drank at the abbey, hence “dubbel,” or “double,” and the rest is history).

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