What Is A Marzen Beer?

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A beer rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness, similar to the Vienna lager. Toasted bread or biscuit-like malt aroma and flavor is to be expected. Originating in Germany, this style was traditionally brewed in the spring (“Marzen” meaning “March”) and aged, or lagered, throughout the summer.

You may wonder, what does a märzen taste like? Taste: It should have a clean lager fermentation profile with no biscuit, caramel, or roasted flavors. May seem sweet at the front but will transition quickly into complex bread and toast maltiness. Hop flavor should be low to none and bitterness only moderate.

Similarly one may ask, is a märzen beer an oktoberfest? According to the 2015 Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), Oktoberfest and Märzen are ultimately the same brews. The only reason for the difference in name is due to the legality of the term Oktoberfestbier, which just means the beer was produced in the city of Munich.

Besides above, how do you pronounce märzen beer? This is why the Märzen beer style is sometimes also called “Oktoberfestbier”. The wrong way to say “Märzen” is like this: “Mars-in” (like a hotel on Mars: The Mars Inn). The more accurate way is like this = “Mare-Tsen” where “Mare” is pronounced like the English word “mare” (an adult female horse).

Likewise, why is it called märzen beer? Märzen or Märzenbier (which is German for March beer) is a pale lager seasonal that originated in Bavaria. The beer was traditionally brewed in March (hence its name) and stored in caves before summer's weather made brewing lagers nearly impossible.

What is the official beer of Oktoberfest?

Only beer from Munich breweries may be served on the Wiesn, as custom dictates. Already weeks before the starting signal for Oktoberfest, the breweries present their newly brewed Wiesn beer and increase the anticipation of the highlight of the year.

What is the official beer of Germany?

First pioneered by Paulaner, festbiers today in Germany are THE official beer of Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest-style – Normally falling under the style of märzen, these beers are brewed outside the city limits of Munich.

What is the most popular beer at Oktoberfest?

The Big Six: German Beers at Oktoberfest

  • Augustiner.
  • Hacker-Pschor.
  • Löwenbräu.
  • Paulaner.
  • Spaten.
  • Hofbräuhaus.

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