What Is A Ball Lock Keg?

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Ball lock kegs use a ring of ball bearings to secure gas and liquid connections to the keg, while pin lock kegs use pins on the keg fittings to secure the gas and liquid line fittings to the kegs (two pins for gas-in, three pins for liquid-out).

You may wonder, how can you tell the difference between a ball lock and a pin lock keg? Ball lock kegs are a little leaner, but a little taller where pin locks are a little shorter, but a little wider. Ball lock keg connections use a ring of ball bearings to secure connections to keg posts while pin lock connections use a “tongue and groove” type set up to secure connections.

Similarly one may ask, what is ball lock used for? Ball Lock Pins are a type of alignment pin used to join and fasten machine components and workpieces with use of a simple button. Ball Lock Pins are commonly used in the automation and robotics industry, as well as electronics production and machine manufacturing processes.

Besides above, what are the two types of kegs? There are three styles of kegs that you can use. There are Ball Lock, Pin Lock, and sankey kegs. Ball and Pin lock are very similar, but their small differences do set them apart. Sankey kegs are most used by commercial breweries, but can be used by a homebrewer just as well.

Likewise, how tall is a ball lock keg? Standard ball lock kegs measure 25″ tall x 8.5″ diameter, while standard pin lock kegs measure 23″ tall x 9″ diameter.

How do you lock a keg?

The easiest way to secure the beer in your kegerator is to install a slide faucet lock. A faucet lock slides over the spout of the tap system and locks the tap handle in place. Another tap beer system security option is a Kegerator door lock, these locks keep your kegerator mechanical systems secure.

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