What Beers Does Guinness Make?

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Guinness® Black Lager

  • Our Beers.
  • Guinness® Draught.
  • Guinness® Hop House 13 Lager.
  • Guinness® Extra Stout.
  • Guinness® Blonde American Lager.

You may wonder, what brands does guinness own? Its leading brands include Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Smirnoff, Baileys liqueur, Captain Morgan rum and Tanqueray gin.

Similarly one may ask, what lager is made by guinness? Hop House 13: Our Distinctive Golden Lager | Guinness®

Besides above, what else do guinness make? Guinness® Black Lager

  • Our Beers.
  • Guinness® Foreign Extra Stout.
  • GUINNESS® Africa Special.
  • Guinness® Smooth.
  • Guinness® Original.
  • Guinness® Draught.

Likewise, does guinness own smirnoff? Guinness Nigeria Plc also acquired the right to manufacture locally some of the most successful mainstream spirits brands in Nigeria that are part of Diageo brands including Smirnoff Vodka and Gordon's Gin.

How many brands does Guinness have?

Our brands include Harp, Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Smirnoff, Gordon's Dry Gin, Satzenbrau, Dubic Malt, Malta Guinness, Orijin Non-alcoholic Zero, Orijin and MrDowell's.

What alcohol does Guinness own?

The Guinness Storehouse is a tourist attraction at St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Since opening in 2000, it has received over 20 million visitors.

Logo from 2005 to 2016
TypeDry stout (beer)
Alcohol by volume4.2%
ColourBlack (sometimes described as very dark ruby-red)

How many breweries does Guinness own?

5 breweriesIt's the roasted barley that gives GUINNESS its colour. GUINNESS is brewed in 49 countries worldwide and sold in over 150. Guinness owns 5 breweries in 5 countries around the world. These are in: Ireland (Dublin), Malaysia, and three in Africa - Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon.

Does Heineken own Guinness?

Nowadays it is part of the Heineken corporation who bought it from Guinness. Cruzcampo can be found anywhere in Spain, but it is in Andalusia where it is most consumed. It has breweries in Seville, Madrid, Valencia, Jaén and Arano.

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