Is Stella A Light Beer?

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Crafted to celebrate the longest day of the year, this flavorful light beer is officially available year-round. PER 11.2 FL. OZ.

You may wonder, what kind of beer is stella? pilsnerStella Artois is an “international pilsner” beer brand currently owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev and distributed all over the world with an alcohol by volume of either 5% or 5.2% depending on the location.

Similarly one may ask, how does stella artois rank? While Stella Artois can't boast the same numbers, it's considered Belgium's best-selling beer and most successful international brewery, and, in 2019, won the World's Best International Lager at the World Beer Awards.

Besides above, what does drinking stella artois say about you? Men who drink Stella Artois can display a classier side to them without coming off as pompous or arrogant. Consuming this lager will move you out of that basic beer-drinking sphere and have you seen as approachable, but with a more sophisticated feel.

Likewise, which is better budweiser or stella? Over the past 52 weeks Budweiser has scored +6.1 with a ranking of 22, in a measurement that displays brands overall health including quality, buzz and satisfaction. This lags behind Stella Artois score of +9.9 which sees it rank 11th. Budweiser's reputation score has dropped five places to 22nd with a score of +9.9.

What beer tastes similar to Stella?

Here are 10 excellent beers that taste similar to Stella Artois.

  • Pilsner Urquell. Pilsner Urquell holds a claim to fame among beers: it was the first-ever pale ale! ...
  • Heineken. Heineken is a pricey drink that's well worth the cost. ...
  • Spaten Premium Lager. ...
  • Maes Pils. ...
  • Jupiler. ...
  • Baltika No. ...
  • Corona Extra. ...
  • Leffe Blonde.

What volume is Stella Artois?

“We are proud that we can now deliver the same Stella Artois taste people love, with an ABV of 4.6 per cent.”

Is Stella lager or beer?

Availability. Stella Artois is a 5.2% ABV global lager first brewed in Leuven, Belgium in 1926 as a Christmas brew, and named Stella after the Latin for "star."

What does Stella beer taste like?

Stella Artois is a crisp, floral beer with malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness. The citrusy hops complement the barley malt to make for a refreshing, well-balanced lager. Expect a soft, dry, lingering finish.

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