Is Fosters An Australian Beer?

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Foster'S is known internationally as the quintessential Australian beer brand. However, it is curiously less popular in its homeland than it is around the world. Ironically, Foster's was created by two Americans who arrived in Melbourne, Australia, from New York in 1886.

You may wonder, what is the best beer in australia? Here are the best Australian beer brands, as rated by consumers in Canstar Blue's 2022 review:

  • Coopers.
  • Victoria Bitter.
  • James Boag.
  • XXXX.
  • Tooheys.
  • Carlton Draught.
  • Great Northern Brewing Co.
  • Hahn.

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Let's be clear: Foster's lager, as we know it in Britain's pubs and supermarkets, is an Australian brand; it is not an Australian beer.

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Believe it or not, finding Foster's beer in Australia – what international drinkers think of as the country's beer of choice – isn't easy.

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William M. and Ralph R. Foster, two Irish-American brothers, arrived in Melbourne from New York in 1886. In the brothers started to brew their ...

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