Is Cicerone Certification Worth It?

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Using Your Certification If you're interested in getting a career in the beer industry, starting with the Cicerone Certification Program could be a good choice. Not only will it give you well-rounded, extensive knowledge on all things beer, it could give you an edge over the competition when you apply for a job.

You may wonder, how many cicerones are there in the world? Currently, in the whole world, there are less than 4,200 Cicerones, 121 Advanced Cicerones, and only 18 Master Cicerones! To achieve any of these higher levels is quite an achievement. How does one become a Cicerone?

Similarly one may ask, what is the highest level of cicerone? The Cicerone Certification Program certifies beer professionals at four levels:

  • Certified Beer Server.
  • Certified Cicerone®
  • Advanced Cicerone®
  • Master Cicerone®

Besides above, how many cicerones are in the us? They currently hold nine Cicerone-related trademarks in the US and nearly 100 in other parts of the world. The program continues to be based in Chicago where it employs the equivalent of 12 full-time staff.

Likewise, how many people are advanced cicerone? Earn the title of “Cicerone” when you achieve this certification intended for professionals who work with beer. This credential has been earned by more than 4,000 people in nearly every role in the industry from bartenders to brewery presidents.

How hard is the cicerone exam?

Now let's look at what study resources the CCP recommends for the second level of the program, Certified Cicerone. The CC exam is a seriously difficult in-person exam with written and tasting portions. Its passage rate is less than 40%, about 1 in 3. That's worse than the NY or CA State Bar Exams.

How hard is the Certified Cicerone exam?

The exam is challenging, and many industry professionals have needed more than attempt to earn the title. Candidates must wait a minimum of six weeks from the exam date to re-sit the written portion of the exam, but there are no time restrictions on retaking the tasting portion.

How many Level 4 Cicerones are there?

How Many Level 4 Cicerones Are There? There are presently 19 Master Cicerones in the world.

Do Cicerone certifications expire?

All of our certifications have no expiration and do not need to be renewed; those who have earned Cicerone certification are encouraged to pursue upper levels of the program and/or continue to develop their skills and expertise.

How much does it cost to be a Cicerone?

About Cicerone Certification Program

The cost to attend Cicerone Certification Program ranges from $40 to $220 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $75.

Are there any female Cicerones?

Mandalay Bay's director of food and beverage, Sarah Johnson, recently earned the title after a grueling three-hour exam, making her Nevada's only female certified cicerone and one of just 611 cicerones in the world.

Is the Cicerone test timed?

Once you begin the exam you will have 30 minutes to answer all the questions. To pass, you must achieve a score of at least 75% (at least 45 questions correct).

What can you do with a Cicerone certification?

As a cicerone or beer expert, you craft and produce a restaurant or bar's beer experiences. You understand how to keep, serve, and taste beer (including both appropriate glassware and food pairings) as well as all the elements involved in making beer, including ingredients, brewing processes, styles, and flavors.

How many Level 1 Cicerones are there?

There are four Cicerone levels, each one more demanding than the last. That's also how many sommelier levels there are. Let's look into each Cicerone level to get a feel for what's required.

How many Cicerone beer Servers are there?

Demonstrate your mastery of the fundamentals of beer service, styles, and flavor to join more than 125,000 hospitality professionals worldwide who have achieved the first level of Cicerone certification.

How many female Cicerones are there?

Robyn Reid – an Advanced Cicerone herself and preparing to sit her Master exam – is responsible for shepherding Brewdog staff through their Cicerone training, and the company now has 40 female staff who have reached Certified Cicerone level, out of a total of around 120.

Are there any female Cicerones?

Mandalay Bay's director of food and beverage, Sarah Johnson, recently earned the title after a grueling three-hour exam, making her Nevada's only female certified cicerone and one of just 611 cicerones in the world.

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