How To Use Inkbird Temperature Controller?

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2:165:13How To Setup Your Inkbird Temperature Controller - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo you want to set the temperature to 62 degrees. Once you have it set hold down the set button forMoreSo you want to set the temperature to 62 degrees. Once you have it set hold down the set button for three seconds. And you've now locked in the temperature. You want.

You may wonder, what does al mean on inkbird? Alarm Low LimitWhen the temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit

Menu codeFunctionRemarks
HDHeating Differential Value6.
CDCooling Differential Value
AHAlarm High Limit6.
ALAlarm Low Limit

Similarly one may ask, what does e4 mean on inkbird? E4: The temperature difference between the two temperature probes is greater than or equal to 3℃/5.0℉

Besides above, what does e5 mean on inkbird? Answer: E5 is continuous heating time alarm, it cannot be turned off. It is designed to remind that the temperature can not heat to the target temperature, the heater may have a problem and may pose a threat to fish.

Likewise, how do i reset my inkbird controller? Ⓒ If the controller is in the normal working state, you can long press 2 seconds to reset the WIFI. It will enter the Smartconfig configuration state by default. You can short press to switch the Smartconfig configuration state and the AP mode.

Where is Inkbird made?

Inkbird is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China .

How do I get my Inkbird to stop beeping?

New Member. In your control options go to CA. Turn it to -7. Your beeping will stop.

How does the Inkbird work?

BEST ANSWER: Very simple. You plug the keezer into the Inkbird controller, then plug the Inkbird into the wall outlet. the allows a freezer to cycle on and off in order to maintain warmer temps than a standard freezer can do on it's own.

How do I change the temperature on my Inkbird sous vide?

Change between Celsius unit and Fahrenheit unit

  • Press and hold the button ” ” to enter the temperature units setting interface.
  • Press the ' ” button to choose temperature.
  • Press the ” ” button or ” ” button to choose between Celsius unit and Fahrenheit.
  • How do I connect my Inkbird ITC 308 to WIFI?

    Plug the device in the socket and make sure that the device is in the Smartconfig. configuration state (the LED symbol is flashing, interval flashing 250ms). Click "Confirm indicator rapidly blink" and then select Wi-Fi network, enter Wi-Fi password,click "confirm" to enter connection process.

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