How To Change The Color Of Hardwood Floors Without Sanding?

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Are you searching for an answer to the question: How to change the color of hardwood floors without sanding? On this page, we've collected the most accurate and complete information to ensure that you have all of the answers you need. So keep reading!

The best way to refinish wood floors without sanding is to use a technique called screen and recoat. This involves scuffing up the finish with a floor buffer and applying a refresher coat of finish.

You may wonder, can you change the color of existing hardwood floors? When you refinish your floors, you can change the color of your flooring. Most hardwood floors can be made darker, lighter, redder, or anywhere in between. If your flooring is solid hardwood, it can be sanded and refinished in a different stain for a different appearance.

Similarly one may ask, how do you recolor hardwood floors? To paint your hardwood floors:

  • Sand the surface of your floors with sandpaper.
  • Clean the floor of any dust or debris.
  • Using a brush or roller, apply a thin first coat of paint. ...
  • Allow 24 to 48 hours for the paint to dry.
  • Sand the painted surface with sandpaper.
  • Besides above, can i refinish my hardwood floors without sanding? You can perform a spot test on a small taped-off area of your floor. Rub the area with a sand screen and apply a coat of polyurethane. Check your floor after 24 hours—if the hardwood has no residue, you can continue to refinish without sanding.

    Likewise, how do i make my hardwood floors look new without refinishing? To make hardwood floors look like new without refinishing:

  • Try buffing and polishing with a commercial-grade buffer.
  • Use a hardwood floor polishing sealant.
  • Clean markers with toothpaste and a clean cloth.
  • Apply a wood floor cleaner or oil soap for a high-gloss clean.

  • How much does it cost to change the color of hardwood floors?

    National Average: $1,800

    According to HomeAdvisor and Angi the typical price range to refinish hardwood floors is between $600 and $4,000, with the national average at $1,800. This comes out to $3 to $8 per square foot, including materials and labor.

    Is it cheaper to refinish or replace hardwood floors?

    Generally speaking, it is almost always less expensive to refinish your hardwood floors than to replace them. That's because replacing them involves paying for additional wood, the installation itself, as well as labor costs for tearing up and hauling away the existing hardwood.

    How do you change dark wood to light?

    To lighten the dark stains on wood, you need a clean cloth or rag and mineral spirit or turpentine. Soak the cloth in a mineral spirit and carefully rub along the grain of the wood to lighten the stain.


    Applying a Revitalizer. Applying a revitalizer gloss is the simplest and cheapest way to refinish hardwood floors. This approach works best on floors that only have surface-level scratches and other minor wear and tear issues. You can get the job done without the need for equipment rentals or hard-to-find materials.


    If you only have some minor scratches and dings or a dull finish, you might be able to simply buff and add a new coat of varnish. But, even if your floors need a complete makeover, refinishing hardwood is a very manageable and rewarding do-it-yourself job that can save a lot of money.

    How much does it cost to lighten hardwood floors?

    Whitewashing hardwood floors costs $2 to $7 per square foot and requires sanding to remove the old finish and then applying a light wash and clear polyurethane topcoat instead of a darker stain. Whitewashing is also known as pickling.

    Can dark stained wood floors be lightened?

    Use Bleach to Lighten the Wood

    Using bleach on stained wood is an easy way to lighten the pieces. However, it is essential to take the proper care to avoid any accidents.

    How hard is it to Restain hardwood floors?

    The hardwood floor refinishing process is easier and less expensive than sanding down to bare wood and takes less time. In a few hours, your floors will look as good as new. The job requires using a buffer, which you can rent at a home center, and a vacuum to suck up dust.

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