How Strong Is Beerus?

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He is a king, with a power level of approximately three billion at 100%. He can destroy everything in a matter of seconds, and all it takes is a thought to take something out of existence. This destruction god seems to be the most potent yet.

You may wonder, is beerus stronger than goku? Goku has become much stronger, but not strong enough to take down Beerus yet.

Similarly one may ask, is beerus immortal? TLDR: Beerus is a mortal but Supreme Kai's magic keeps him alive. Edit: Clarification. When I say "Immortality" I more mean "agelessness," and "the state which makes these characters not mortal." I don't mean it's impossible to destroy them.

Besides above, can broly beat beerus? Although Broly's power was impressive, Beerus showed little to no reaction to his presence in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. This behavior, combined with the fact that Beerus' full power is yet to be shown, implies that the God of Destruction is leagues above Broly.

Likewise, who would win saitama or beerus? Saitama can only hurt Beerus if he somehow manages to get the almighty and powerful Yamcha to slap Beerus. If he can't do that, Beerus doesn't even mind this weakling and blows up his verse with a sneeze.

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Beerus is so much more powerful than we thought. He was confident in destroying Moro. He has a secret GoD technique that he is currently ...

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Beerus' power level is around three billion at 100%. Interestingly, although he appeared to be powerful, at some point, whether he has more ...

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Goku goes from 1% of Beerus's power to an estimated 90% to 105%. But we would still say Beerus would win a fight due to his crazy God of Destruction skills.

How strong is MSSB compared to Beerus full power (%)?

If you're talking about the Scouter scale, then MSSJB Gokû would be between 5 and 10% of Beerus. It's the most popular scale used in DB to speak about power ...

Beerus Perfect Power Level?

Beerus had to face off against him but still very easily bodied him, so I would go ahead with the 10x power up like he did against SSJ3 Goku during the Battle ...

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Beerus is one of the strongest Gods of Destruction and a student of Whis, one of the most powerful Angels. He was able to defeat Super Saiyan ...

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Beerus is the God of Destruction hailing from Universe 7. He is the strongest God of Destruction among the 12 universes in Dragon Ball. He ...

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Below Whis but above the rest. Beerus basically has plot armor in that Toriyama states that he has no plans for Beerus and Whis to be surpassed, and as of today ...

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