How Much Power Did Beerus Use Against Goku?

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But how much power did Beerus use to defeat Goku? Well, in Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods, Beerus said that he exerted around 70% of his full power in that fight so that he could defeat Goku.

You may wonder, how strong is beerus 100%? How Strong Is Beerus At Full Power ? At 100%, Beerus' power is approximately three billion. He appeared powerful but, in the end, it became a concern if he had more power than Vegeta and Goku combined. However, he defeated Goku with his full power and it was clear that the God of Destruction was strong.

Similarly one may ask, who is more powerful goku or beerus? Goku has become much stronger, but not strong enough to take down Beerus yet.

Besides above, who was the strongest enemy beerus fought? Monaka was initially described as being a hero of his home world planet, Wagashi. At some point in his past, he was said to have fought against the God of Destruction Beerus. He managed to cause Beerus trouble, which makes him later claim Monaka as the strongest fighter he's ever faced.

Likewise, can broly beat beerus? Although Broly's power was impressive, Beerus showed little to no reaction to his presence in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. This behavior, combined with the fact that Beerus' full power is yet to be shown, implies that the God of Destruction is leagues above Broly.

Can Beerus go ultra instinct?

In the manga's Universe Survival Saga, during the Zeno Expo, Beerus uses Ultra Instinct against the other Gods of Destruction, enabling him to handle multiple Gods of Destruction simultaneously; however, he is eventually restrained by Mule due to not having yet perfected the ability.

What is Goku's max power level?

According to some fan sites, this transformation allows him to reach a reported power level of 13.2 septillion! However, the highest power level reported by any official sources is the 150,000,000 Goku achieves when leveling up to Super Saiyan.

How old is Beerus?

ビルス Birusu
Agec.75 million

Is Beerus immortal?

TLDR: Beerus is a mortal but Supreme Kai's magic keeps him alive. Edit: Clarification. When I say "Immortality" I more mean "agelessness," and "the state which makes these characters not mortal." I don't mean it's impossible to destroy them.

How Much Power Did Beerus Use Against Goku - What other sources say:

What percentage of his full power was Beerus using during his ...?

It was stated 70% but Beerus stated that it was a lie to intend Goku draw out his power. But my opinion is he used maybe 60% or less.

Beerus used 70% of his power is BS : r/CharacterRant - Reddit?

It's was said in battle of the gods that Beerus was using 70% of his power ... he says Whis' power is at 15, Beerus at 10 and Goku is at 6.

How much power did Beerus use to clown SSG Goku?

By the anime that was changed to having to be under 10% in regards to Kaioken x10 SSJB Goku vs Hit. Because if it was 10%, then x10 would put him = to Beerus.

How much power was Beerus using against SSG Goku?

Goku was 60% of Beerus, but Beerus used 70% to beat him. How would you rank this in manga? Do you think it stayed the same like in the movie?

Would you say Beerus' strength has been retconned, at least ...?

Back when BoG was released, it was stated that Beerus had to use 70% of his power to defeat Goku as a Super Saiyan God.

Beerus Perfect Power Level?

Beerus had to face off against him but still very easily bodied him, so I would go ahead with the 10x power up like he did against SSJ3 Goku during the Battle ...

How Much Power Did Beerus Use Against Goku ... - Anime Faith?

In Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods, Beerus claimed that he used roughly 70% of his total strength in order to defeat Goku. But the issue here is that the anime's ...

How much power did beerus use against ssg goku?

I don't remember if it was brought up in the manga, but in Battle of the Gods, Whis reveals that Beerus only used 70% of his power, ...

beerus using less than 10% against ssg goku? - Neoseeker?

It does indeed suggest that Beerus used much less than 70% of his power against SSJG Goku, but there's no way he used only 10%.

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