How Many Beers Did Andre Drink?

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156 beersLike many wrestlers, he was known for his showmanship in the ring. Then there was the time when fellow WWF wrestlers Mike Graham and Dusty Rhodes watched in awe as AndreAndreHis ring name was a play on his previous gimmick "Masked Superstar". Though it was clear that Giant Machine was none other than André the Giant, commentators sold that Giant Machine might be Giant Baba, and not André, under the mask. drank 156 beers in one sitting. That's 14.6 gallons of beer. The average human stomach can only hold about a liter.

You may wonder, who drank the most alcohol ever? #1. Andre the Giant

  • Andre the Giant consumed, on average, 7,000 calories of alcohol a day.
  • He would routinely drink a 12 pack of beer before a wrestling match.
  • On road trips to wrestling matches, Andre would average a case of beer every 90 minutes. ...
  • Andre rarely drank enough to pass out.

Similarly one may ask, who is the biggest drinker in the world? Here are the 10 countries with the most alcohol consumption:

  • Germany - 12.79 liters/year.
  • Lithuania - 12.78 liters/year.
  • Ireland - 12.75 liters/year.
  • Spain - 12.67 liters/year.
  • Uganda - 12.48 liters/year.
  • Bulgaria - 12.46 liters/year.
  • Luxembourg - 12.45 liters/year.
  • Romania - 12.34 liters/year.

Besides above, how much alcohol does andre have? From drinking 119 beers in one sitting to chugging 12 bottles of wine in the back of a bus, here are Andre the Giant's amazing feats of drinking.

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