How Long To Age Mead?

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between six months to three yearsMead should ideally age between six months to three years of aging before its ready to drink, depending on the mead. Just as with wine, lighter meads tend to be ready sooner; heavier, darker meads take longer.

You may wonder, does mead improve with age? All our meads will improve, over time. This is a simple fact. Practically speaking, some will improve more than others and there really is no way to know, in advance, exactly what your result will be.

Similarly one may ask, can mead ferment too long? Primary fermentation for most Meads can last as long as 4-weeks. During this time, it is not necessary to rack the Mead unless you have added fruit. When fermentation slows down, there is typically a deep sediment on the bottom on the order of 2-inches or more. That's O.K!

Besides above, how long can you bulk age mead? 9 months to 2 yearsAnywhere from 9 months to 2 years has been given as a good framework for bulk aging, but much comes from the mead itself, type of varietal honey used, how well the mead finished out, whether oak was used, and many other variables.

Likewise, why does mead take so long to age? Certified Mead Mentor

First is the alcohol content as you pointed out. More alcohol = longer to age, all other things being equal. Beers usually end up with more residual sugars as well, and more sugar = less time to age, generally (sweetness covers up other flavors which only mellow with time).

Can botulism grow in mead?

The good news for mead makers is that botulism is unlikely to be able to grow in must, as there is not enough protein present. So even though the spores are common on honey, even a prolonged delay in the onset of fermentation should not present a risk.

Why is mead not popular?

Why did it fall out of favor? There were some new tax laws, as well as an increased availability of West Indian sugar in the 17th century that made honey harder and less necessary to obtain. But it was also the rise of other alcohols—namely beer and wine—that really did it in.

How long should I wait to rack my mead?

Generally speaking, it's best to rack your mead as soon as the primary fermentation has completed, or to wait no longer than a month to avoid any sort of spoilage.

What happens if you rack mead too early?

If you racked too early, then there may not be enough yeast left to finish cleanly in a reasonable time, which could lead to yeast stress, a stalled ferment, or a very sluggish finish. You'll need a hydrometer to tell for sure, though. After that first racking, you should rack when you need to.

Does mead need to age in the dark?

You must also make sure that the mead is not exposed to direct sunlight, or at least only exposed minimally. Just like wine or beer, sunlight will oxidize the liquid, which can skunk it in the bottle. This is why a lot of beer and wine is bottled in dark glass.

Does mead need to ferment in the dark?

Keep the jug in a cool (not cold) dark place out of direct sunlight to ferment. Mead can take longer to ferment than hard cider or beer, depending on the ambient temperature it will take anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

How long should 5 gallons of mead ferment?

In my experience it takes pretty much a full 6 weeks to completely finish fermenting, possibly a little less time if it's warm out or a little more if it's cold. But 6 weeks is usually a good rule of thumb.

How long can you keep an unopened bottle of mead?

An opened bottle of our classic meads can easily last three or more months at room temperature or refrigerated. An unopened bottle of our lighter meads can last 1-2 years unopened if stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

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