Do Kegs Need To Be Kept Cold?

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Temperature The majority of the time, the beer inside your keg has not been pasteurized, so it's important to keep it cold. From the moment you get it from the distributor until it's empty, it's important to maintain the proper temperature or you will sacrifice the quality of the beer.

You may wonder, what happens if you don't keep a keg cold? If you keep the temperature too cold, the beer will retain its carbonation. If this happens, you won't be able to experience the true flavor and aroma of each pour. If the temperature falls below 28°F, then your beer will likely freeze. Obviously, you want to avoid storing it at this temperature.

Similarly one may ask, can kegs be stored at room temperature? Yes, most beers brewed in the US need to be refrigerated.

To store a keg of beer at room temperature it needs to be pasteurized so it will not spoil and most beer brewed in the US is not pasteurized. A typical keg needs to be kept between 36 and 38 degrees to maintain freshness and flavor.

Besides above, how long does a tapped keg last unrefrigerated? Since a picnic pump uses oxygen instead of carbon dioxide, a tapped keg will only last about 12-24 hours depending on the type of beer and how much oxygen was pumped into it. The oxygen will cause the beer to go flat and spoil quickly if you don't finish the keg within that time frame.

Likewise, what temperature should you store a keg? The recommended temperature for storing and serving beer is 36 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your keg in this range will help your beer retain the level of carbonation that was created during the brewing process.

How long will a keg last once tapped?

How Long Does a Keg Stay Fresh? For most beers on tap, dispensed with CO2, the rule of thumb is that non-pasteurized beer will retain its freshness for 45-60 days, if proper pressure and temperature are maintained. If you are serving up pasteurized draft beer, the shelf life is around 90-120 days.

Can you tap a warm keg?

Be Sure the Keg is at a temperature of 38 degrees

We want to dispense cold beer through the tap and beer line. If the beer or keg is warm. When you tap the keg you will pour foamy beer. The ideal temp is 38 degrees.

How Should beer kegs be stored?

Regulate your temperature

Oxidation is accelerated by high and un-regulated temperatures. Never leave the beer out in the sunshine and if cold storage is limited, keep any extra kegs in the coolest place possible.

Can you leave a keg outside?

While a keg can last through a lot, leaving a keg outside in the summer heat can ruin its taste in as little as a few hours. Heat kills beer. No one wants a warm beer, and if you decide to keep your keg outside in the summer, you'll need to make sure it's submerged in ice.

How long does keg beer last at room temperature?

A keg can be unrefrigerated for a brief period of time, but if it is not kept cold, the beer inside will start to spoil. After about two hours at room temperature, the beer will start to taste flat and will eventually go bad. There is no hard and fast rule that states how long a keg of draft beer should be kept fresh.

Can a keg be tapped twice?

The good news is yes, you can tap a keg twice —with some limitations, of course. In the event that you're using a manual or O2 pump, you'll unfortunately only get one tap out of your keg.

How many 12 ounce beers are in a keg?

165 12oz bottlesKeg Sizing Information

1/2 barrel = 15.5 gallons = 124 pints = 165 12oz bottles - (Full Size Keg) 1/4 barrel = 7.75 gallons = 62 pints = 83 12oz bottles (Pony Keg)

How do you store a keg overnight?

Garbage cans or plastic tubs

The cheapest way to keep a keg cold is by placing it in a suitable container and covering it with ice. Place the keg in the tub, surround it with ice and then top up with cold water. You can then either connect a pressure regulator and beer lines or fit a picnic tap directly to the keg.

Can kegs be stored on their side?

Transporting keg on its side

While it's not the worst thing in the world to transport the beer on its side, you'll have better luck keeping it from becoming a foamy mess if you keep the keg upright during transport.

How do I know if my keg is bad?

The most obvious red flag of a bad keg is a foul taste. Your beer may be unnaturally sweet, with the taste of ripe apples or other fruit. Conversely, it may also taste like sulfur. Either way, these strange (and potentially foul) tastes can let you know right away that your keg isn't good anymore.

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