Can Vegito Beat Beerus?

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Thus, it's pretty safe to assume that SSB Vegito, (and probably even Merged Zamasu) is stronger than Beerus.

You may wonder, is vegito stronger than lord beerus? Does vegito really surpass beerus in the manga? yes | Fandom.

Similarly one may ask, who beat vegito? Gogeta beats Vegito even if Vegito gets SSJ4. So, Goku at Super Saiyan 4 can probably compete with Super Vegito and they are in the same league. But, Gogeta in Super Saiyan 1 form (while fighting super janemba) is much stronger than Goku SSJ4.

Besides above, who is more powerful vegito or gogeta? Vegito is stronger than Gogeta. Goku doesn't have to lower his power to match Vegeta's like he have to do with the fusion dance.

Likewise, has vegito ever lost a fight? Vegito's first loss was also done purposely so they could save all the people absorbed by Buu.

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Vegetto Blue from the Black Arc gets STOMPED badly by Beerus. However, Hypothetical Vegetto Blue (Post Tournament of Power) likely beats Beerus.

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SSB Vegito cannot defeat Beerus. As long as Beerus has hakai, Beerus always wins. That is literally how the fight would go even if you tried to make them equal ...

Does vegito really surpass beerus in the manga? yes | Fandom?

Here's my opinion, I think Vegito Blue is a bit stronger than Beerus, however, In a 1v1 fight, Beerus would win because of Vegito Blues very short time limit.

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Beerus' full power is also yet to be seen in Dragon Ball Super. Meanwhile, we've seen Vegito get pushed to his limit by Future Zamasu. As such, ...

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Whis had said several times that Goku + Vegeta working together would allow them to go toe to toe with Beerus. By Working together, Whis implies ...

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Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 and quite possibly the strongest known God of Destruction there is. Everything about him, from ...

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11 CAN'T DEFEAT: SSB Vegito SSB Vegito is the next stage in power for the Potara fusion between Goku and Vegeta. ... However, SSB Vegito could easily bring down ...

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