Can Beer Stay In A Hot Car?

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Beer turns sour as well. Both cans and bottles may explode if kept at high temperatures for long periods of time. Other alcoholic spirits can change under high heat as well.

You may wonder, can i drink beer that was left in the heat? Leaving beer and wine in your car during hot weather can do more damage than just ruining the flavour of your booze, as one woman found out to her cost. Nations across Europe are currently experiencing extreme heat, and in the United Kingdom today it is thought that a new hottest day on record may be set.

Similarly one may ask, at what temperature does beer go bad? This rule states that you can keep beer at 90°F for only 3 days before it goes bad. It will last 30 days at 72°F, which is around room temperature. Finally, beer will last up to 300 days at 38°F. As you can see, heat can easily lead to beer going bad rapidly, so it's vital that you store it at the proper temperature.

Besides above, does beer get skunked from heat? Some people say that you have to keep your beers out of the heat to keep them from being skunked. Well, it's time to debunk that myth. Heat and temperature changes don't skunk beer. Instead, heat increases the rate of oxidation of beer, which in turn can make your beer taste really stale or like cardboard.

Likewise, can i leave beer in car overnight? When water freezes, it expands. So, if you have a bottle of wine or can of soda, beer or other water-based liquid in your car it can explode, leaving you a sticky mess. Water and diet soda freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does heat spoil alcohol?

Keep it at Room Temperature

And while it won't make the liquor “go bad,” heat – especially from direct sunlight – can increase oxidation rates, causing a change in flavors and loss of color.

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