Are Specsavers Varifocals Any Good?

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You may wonder, what are the best varifocal lenses? Who Makes The Best Varifocal Lenses?

  • Essilor - "Varilux - "Comfort NE", "Physio 2.0" & "X Series"
  • Nikon - "Presio", "SeeMax Master",
  • Hoya - "GP", "iD Lifestyle", "Summit". "Balansis", "MyStyle V"
  • Carl Zeiss - "Zeiss Progressive Individual 2" & "Zeiss Progressive Plus 2"

Similarly one may ask, what brand of lenses do specsavers use? easyvisionWhat brand of contact lenses do Specsavers use? As we've mentioned, Specsavers sell their own brand contact lenses (easyvision), just like supermarkets have their own brand food ranges.

Besides above, how do i know if my varifocals are correct? If you feel that your vision has changed, it could be because your frame is out of alignment. This is particularly true of varifocals – if they are not sitting correctly, you could be looking through the wrong part of the lens, and your vision will seem blurry. They hurt behind your ears.

Likewise, are smaller frames better for varifocals? Varifocal lenses are perfect for seeing all distances without having to adjust your position or glasses. To fit two prescriptions, one for reading and another for distance viewing plus, leaving enough space for immediate distance needs bigger lenses. Oversized glasses frames are perfect for making varifocal lenses.

Should you wear varifocals all the time?

This process varies across individuals, but most people get used to varifocal glasses after two weeks. This is why it's so important to continue to wear your varifocal glasses consistently so that your eyes can adjust to them.

Why do I struggle with varifocals?

It's just the way it is. The thing that determines a lot of these issues is how your brain deals with the different areas in the lens. *Sometimes varifocal problems can be because the lenses aren't lined up in the frame and sometimes can be solved with a refit.

Why can'ti see my computer with varifocals?

Number 1 - Screen is too high.

If you are using varifocal / progressive / occupational specs then this will almost certainly be too high. To see through the stronger close up areas of your lenses your head will be tilted back and give you problems with your neck or shoulders.

Are varifocals OK for driving?

Varifocals are an extremely common lens-type for driving with glasses. Due to the way they work, varifocals can correct your close, intermediate and distance vision all in one pair of lenses. This can be incredibly helpful for driving.

Do varifocals suit everyone?

Not everyone will get on with a bifocal or varifocal so it is important to get your optician`s advice on which type of lens to try. Having separate pairs of glasses can be a nuisance. If you are constantly having to swap glasses they can become damaged or can even get lost.

What is the alternative to varifocals?

If any of these problems affect you then occupational lenses could be the answer, these lenses are the simple and inexpensive alternative to varifocals and offer a big benefit over varifocals and reading glasses.

Why do varifocals have distortion?

Varifocal lenses will slightly alter your peripheral vision due to the power changes that occur at the edge of the lens. Having a good lens design can help enormously by all but eliminating this peripheral distortion. Choosing a varifocal with as wide a field-of-view as possible will help you to adapt more easily.

Are Zeiss lenses better than Essilor?

Essilor and Zeiss lenses are very good in terms of technology and both manufacturers are preferred by certain customers. So both manufacturers have their following. In my personal wear test, the Zeiss individual did better overall. However, both manufacturers still have their disadvantages.

Are Zeiss DriveSafe lenses worth it?

Results showed that 97% were satisfied with the lenses when used for driving, and 94% were satisfied when using it for everyday tasks. I have been wearing my ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses for the better part of a month now, and I have to admit that it's been pretty impressive.

What is the alternative to varifocals?

If any of these problems affect you then occupational lenses could be the answer, these lenses are the simple and inexpensive alternative to varifocals and offer a big benefit over varifocals and reading glasses.

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