Nathan Nolan is a true blue “Candoner” (a Canadian who has spent many years living in London) who freelances as an educator, speaker, filmmaker, presenter and blogger under the nom de plume Mr Drink n Eat.

My passion for all things drinkable and edible can really be traced back to when I spent 6 months living in Hokkaido, Japan in 1995. The food and drink was mostly alien but utterly life changing in terms of awakening my palate. The ceremony that was sharing a meal with others left an imprint on me that I still cherish today.

I’m trained sommelier having worked in the food and drink industry since 1996. My experience includes plying my trade in pubs, clubs, restaurants, event catering and food fairs.

To me, besides friends & family, good food and drink are the most simple yet most joyful life enhancing pleasures that we have in this world.

I hope to seek out experiences that enrich my relationship with what I eat and drink. I want to meet the wonderful people that grow, vinify, harvest, source, forage, rear, brew, distil, make, bake and cook them. Then weave their stories into my own tales that I hope will inspire others to discover & create their own adventures.