Sanford Orchards “Fanny’s Bramble” Cider

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 16.02.35I am becoming a real fan of cider these days. For my palate it fits somewhere between the refreshment of beer and the complexity of wine. So much more to learn though…

Sanford Orchards make some lovely cider and while this Fanny’s Bramble is very much an attempt to woo converts to the cult of Swedish “fruit” ciders it remains true to it’s roots, a product produced honestly from apples & fresh blackberries picked from the hedgerows near their orchards in Devon. It is 4%abv & my thoughts were…

Eye – Iron Bru Red

Nose – Fragrant blackberry liqueur

Palate – Tart, generous, supple, bright red apple with a sharp cassis finish

Verdict – Not trying to be something serious but altogether pleasing & refreshing.  “Like biting into an apple soaked in Ribena”

Fanny’s Bramble is available direct as well as online from The Real Ale Company & Tilia