Sainsbury’s Organic Wines

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SO Organic?

This September is National Organic Awareness Month and Sainsbury’s kindly sent me 4 wines from their SO Organic range to review. Now I don’t claim to be a leading light in buying organic. You see despite wanting buy more of said products I sometimes find it tough to either A) Find what I need at my local supermarket or moreover B) Afford it. But enough of my moral dilemmas when it comes to my shopping. Onto the wines…

Both whites were from northern Italy. Which suited me fine as I am a big fan of wines from that part of the world. I love them because at their best there are subtly floral fragrant, glinty flinty, stony saline, herbaceous fresh with zingy hints of lime, lemon, melon & pear. But at their worst? Thoroughly nasty mass produced chemical plonk water one glass hangover sauce.

But what would these be like?

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Soave 2012 Veneto 11.5 %abv £5.99

That nursery rhyme “The Little Girl with the Curl” comes to mind I think of Soave. Translucent in colour with minute yellow tinge to it. A nose of wet stones, hint of cleaning products, white flowers, green mango & raw almond. On the palate it’s bracing, like winter air. Then clean spearmint, spicy herbs ultra dry with faint pear finish. It’s well made and was easy but refreshing drinking. Happy solo, light salads or white fish with capers. Nice to taste a decent wine at 11.5% as well. Good girl. Score 14.5/20

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Pinot Grigio 2012 Delle Venezie 12%abv £6.99

Pinot Grigio is one of those grapes that has become a dirty word to some of us bloggers. Got it’s bad name as it overflowed from every pub wine list, tasting all too often lazy flabby, bland and charmless. Thankfully this PG isn’t like that. It’s pale pale yellow with a tingling lime, ripe stone fruit and climbing trellis flower nose. In the mouth it’s texture is round creamy floral, spicy rocket, ripe white melon make way for freshness, balanced acidity and a long dry lime & peach finish. It’s perfect on it’s own but would happily accompany soft creamy cheeses or roast chicken. Definitely worth grabbing a couple bottles of this one. Score 15.5/20

Now onto the reds…

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Shiraz Pays D’Oc 2012, France 13%abv £5.99 

One of my favourite regions for good value red wines, but you can get a bad bottle from time to time. Light purple garnet in the glass. Complex notes of warm spices, black liquorice, chocolate, treacle, black raspberry and crushed blackberries came wafting wildly up my nostrils. It tasted fresh, medium bodied, stony minerals, wild herbs, muscular forest fruit, firm tannins & not unpleasant stalky green finish. I had this open for a day and it needed it. Midweek casserole or bangers n mash would pair nicely.  Score 14.5/20

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Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Western Cape South Africa 13%abv £5.99

On paper this Cab Sav was a socially conscious individuals dream wine. Not only organic, it was sulphur free and fair trade! Ticking all those warm and fuzzy boxes. But at the price I wasn’t optimistic. Deep Ribena in colour, nose of black clay, game birds & whiffs of rubber tire. Cue negative associations with South African red wine. First sip that burnt rubber was back, smoky chipotle chilli heat, grippy tannins, bright red currant, mid palate the rubber is fading, taught tannins, black minerals with a green pepper cassis finish. Now sadly I am jaded (having had too many SA reds that are affected with this burnt rubber syndrome) but if your palate reads it as smoky earthiness then fine. But not a wine I would buy. Score 13.5/20

The wines are all good value and aren’t massively high in alcohol. Both big pluses. So I would definitely say it’s worth trying em out…except maybe not that Cab Sav.

You can find the wines online or in most Sainsbury’s Supermarkets